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Corruption is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that challenges many different countries and also threatens development and equality. Understanding the different manifestations of corruption and how to fight them requires multiple and simultaneous efforts.

The exchange of knowledge and information is key to not only better understanding how corruption operates in different contexts but also to empower concerned citizens to react against corruption and prevent it.

With this goal in mind, academics from the Global Institutes at King's College London created the Global (Anti)Corruption Studies (GACS) research group.

GACS promotes research and knowledge dissemination on corruption and anticorruption in the Global South and thereby contribute to decolonizing the corruption studies curriculum and democratizing the dialogue between policy makers, practitioners and the general public.

GACS has initially focused on Brazil and China, but we are expanding our scope to cover all the regions of the Global South.


The overall goal is to disseminate the best research and teaching practices on corruption and anticorruption in the Global South, on an international level.

Democratize global corruption and anti-corruption studies curriculum by bringing to the forefront of academic and policy debates the experiences and perspectives from the countries and regions of the Global South.
Create networks and synergies for future research and teaching collaboration.

We invite researchers and academics from different disciplines based on and/or studying corruption-related topics in the Global South to join us. We particularly encourage those working on the following areas:

Regional and international anti-corruption instruments and their impact on Brazil and China
Corruption in the public and private sectors
Gender and corruption

Youth and corruption
Corruption and
human rights
Corruption and development

Comparative politics of corruption
Citizen participation in anti-corruption
Corruption and ethnic relations
Anti-corruption practice and innovation
Anti-corruption education
Call for book chapter
The Global (Anti)Corruption Studies research group at King's College London is looking for contributors for an upcoming publication on Corruption and Anti-Corruption in the Global South. Selected papers will be published in the form of chapters in an edited volume.

Submission deadline by October 1st, 2021